Top-tier Receivable Management Services for Business Growth

receivables management services

This includes maintaining good billing, order fulfillment, and service quality, ensuring systems interface properly, and providing active, ongoing support. Initial setup tasks are also crucial to equip the outsourcer with the necessary tools and information. This consideration is crucial because while outsourcing the entire base might be more cost-effective and time-saving, it might not always be suitable for larger, key customers. Assigning an external agency to manage smaller and international clientele appears to be more practical, given their complexity and resource requirements. Are you uncertain about the potential benefits our customized solutions can bring to your healthcare business? Witness the transformation we can bring to your medical billing operations.


  1. The first step in the process involves establishing payment terms and conditions for a sale.
  2. Receivable management services are key because they help you get paid faster.
  3. The AR outsourcing market has witnessed substantial growth parallel to the overall rise of business function outsourcing.
  4. Altus is a B2B debt collection agency with the resources and skills it takes to handle any complex case.
  5. Moving operations such as AR management to an external provider involves meticulous planning and attention to detail.

Our team of credit experts use custom credit scorecards to accurately assess trade credit risk and provide recommendations on credit limits and terms for each customer. Scorecards are tailored to your company’s willingness to take risks, resulting in optimal pricing and credit terms. Allow customers to pay via their bank account in real time without card details.

receivables management services

The Process of AR Outsourcing

Our solutions integrate easily and cost-effectively with corporate systems within hours. Moreover, they talk with other teams, like sales and customer service. It makes sure everyone understands how important it is to collect payments on time. They also prepare reports that show how well the company is doing in collecting the money it owes.

Boost your business’s potential with receivables management services

receivables management services

Streamline your deductions process and reduce Days Deductions Outstanding. Our sophisticated automation easily tracks and manages deductions through their life cycle while prioritizing claims for resolution, saving time and reducing effort. Credit Management Services help you assess the creditworthiness of your customers before you sell to them on credit.

Clear billing procedures are an essential component of effective accounts receivable management. Businesses can minimize payment delays with a checklist of billing processes. It’s an intricate process involving timely invoicing, categorizing accounts based on payment history, following up on due and overdue invoices, reconciling accounts, and more. A systematic approach ensures not just timely collections but also a healthy relationship with clients. Furthermore, effective receivables management empowers businesses with the insights and metrics to measure the effectiveness of the processes.

Customers with account-related questions who aren’t enrolled in Digital Banking or who would prefer to talk with someone can call us directly. Links to third-party websites may have a privacy policy different from First Citizens Bank and may provide less security than this website. First Citizens Bank and its affiliates are not responsible for the products, services and content on any third-party website.

From there, it’s about doing some research into the service providers that meet your needs. We’ll talk more specifically about the benefits of AR management services shortly, but we first need to unpack the two common types of services you’ll find. The fact of the matter is that small businesses (and even mid-sized companies) don’t have the time or expertise to manage AR. Hiring an employee in-house doesn’t make sense from a cost standpoint either.

To calculate average days delinquent, calculate DSO and best possible days outstanding (BPDSO), which represents the most ideal timeline that a company can expect to collect payments. A lower ADD means customers remit faster and is a sign of effective AR management practices. ADD is most valuable when evaluated as a trend over time and in comparison with other metrics, like DSO. Fifty-five percent of AR professionals say dispute management is their most difficult task. Making this AR management process easier can improve both employee happiness and resource management internally, and customer experience on the external side.

This entails more than just chasing down late payments and keeping track of how much a company is owed at any given time. We recommend prioritizing collecting receivables by risk rather than by the outstanding amount. If you have additional data insights from a third-party data provider, when do you need a certified public accountant we recommend leveraging these, too. With a risk-based, data-driven collections prioritization process, you can identify which accounts are more and less likely to pay. This process can help your staff avoid wasting time with attempting to collect long-overdue payments.

The ultimate goal should always be to optimize the receivables management process for the maximum benefit of the business. Not only effective management leads to increased profitability, but it also enhances customer service. If managed correctly, receivables management can turn into a touchpoint for enhancing customer satisfaction – that consequently can lead to an increase in revenue. Receive, process and view payments faster and more efficiently — with more digital flexibility. We can help make business easier for you with our full range of secure, sophisticated receivables solutions and the strategic guidance to help you stay ahead. Receivable management services help businesses collect money they’re owed.

It’s like having a crystal ball to see who will pay and who won’t. Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing moves money electronically from one bank account to another. It’s a fast way to receive payments directly, cutting down on wait times.

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