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To get started, sign in or create a free account, then download the Eisenhower Matrix template. With Miro’s infinite canvas size, you can design your matrix and resize it to a size that works best for you. There are also smart gesture controls allowing you to zoom in and out with one finger. Miro is an advanced note-taking whiteboard app that you can use for personal or work use. Miro offers a flexible approach to adding notes to your matrix.

It will also help you avoid the regretful situation of having little time left to work on something important. Learn more about the different dimensions of productivity or get regular tips delivered to your email inbox. Check your organizational score often to keep your to-do list as tidy as possible. The score area will show you simple solutions for common organizational problems.

How Asana uses work management for project intake

Task Counter
On each to-do sheet, you could manage an unlimited amount tasks, but we recommend to stick to no more than 8 a day. For a better overview of your existing workload, open tasks are also indicated on the large navigation tabs. Focus Mode
For urgent and important tasks, you can use a special timer to help you focus on a single task for 30 minutes — or whatever duration fits you best. Move Tasks
When urgency and priority for an existing task changes, just reposition a task to another quadrant.

eisenhower matrix app

Now you have to keep touching the phone screen in order to keep the phone from fading to black. I should be concentrating on my task, not on keeping the productivity app open. Not sure why this change was made, but it’s rendered the app useless. To access the Eisenhower Matrix feature, head to Settings, tap on the Tab Bar, then select Eisenhower Matrix to add it to the navigation bar. On the feature’s page, you can view and create tasks for every quadrant of the matrix.

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Your work and personal tasks require different timelines, resources, and methods, and they’ll likely require different thought processes as well. In order to effectively manage your personal and professional goals, you’ll need to divide and conquer. If you have an overflowing to-do list and don’t know how to manage it, this app will help you put your priorities back in order.

eisenhower matrix app

To find the Eisenhower Matrix feature, click the menu icon in the top-left corner to access the sidebar. Another standout feature is the advanced filtering and sorting options. There’s also the option to add custom filters to save for later use. After creating a task, it will be assigned to the Backlog—a temporary storage unit to collect tasks before assigning them to a quadrant. Tasks with due dates are automatically sent to the Today, Tomorrow, or Someday tab.

Eisenhower on the App Store & for your browser

You can add notes as text by typing T, or you can add sticky notes by tapping N. Instead, you might want to bookmark our web app and add an what are the 2 axes in the eisenhower box icon to your home screen for convenient access and immersive experience. For more information, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • You can use various time management tips to help you accomplish the tasks in this quadrant.
  • When you add a task, you’ll have to decide whether the task is urgent, important, both, or none.
  • As you skim through your to-do list, assess what items you’ve written down that don’t need to be there.
  • I especially like that a task automatically moves to urgent and important as it nears its due date.

In this piece, we’ll explain how to set up an Eisenhower Matrix and provide tips for task prioritization. You can add a task to a quadrant and mark a task as complete, but that’s about all you can do. You can’t move a task to a different quadrant or even change the order of tasks within a quadrant. One of the quadrants is labeled “Schedule”, but you can’t actually schedule a task or set a due date. There are no reminder notifications, and there is no Today widget to show next tasks.

The Eisenhower Matrix Apps

If needed, add a deadline and/or the email of another person involved in the task. You can customize the colors and subtitles if you wish to do so. Label them as urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, or not urgent nor important. The developer, Denys Ievenko, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.

eisenhower matrix app

Important tasks may not require immediate attention, but these tasks help you achieve your long-term goals. Just because these tasks are less urgent doesn’t mean they don’t matter. You’ll need to thoughtfully plan for these tasks so you can use your resources efficiently. For every new task, you can choose which of the eight segments it belongs to and mark its importance and urgency value.

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To get a better understanding of what tasks you may place in each quadrant of your Eisenhower Matrix, we’ve gone ahead and provided some examples for you here. There should be no question about which tasks fall into this quadrant, because these are the tasks that are at the front of your mind and are likely stressing you out the most. Urgent and important may seem like similar words, but when analyzing them in terms of the Eisenhower principle, the difference between the two is crucial. You can use the Eisenhower Matrix to measure your productivity and understand your priorities.

The tasks left over are tasks that weren’t urgent or important. You’ll tackle these tasks right after you tackle the tasks in quadrant one. You can use various time management tips to help you accomplish the tasks in this quadrant. Some helpful strategies may include the Pareto principle or the Pomodoro method. This is the only system I’ve continued to use several months in.

As you skim through your to-do list, assess what items you’ve written down that don’t need to be there. When you add a task, you’ll have to decide whether the task is urgent, important, both, or none. I use Eisenhower to break down certain projects to make them more manageable, and I wind up delegating or deleting a lot more because of that.

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