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Delay Lama Vst Plugin

Delay Lama Vst Plugin is the first VST tool to offer both text-to-speech and animated 3D interface in real-time. Its advanced monophonic text-to-speech engine makes your computer sound like an oriental monk with high-resolution real-time control over vowel sound. Plus, the plugin window displays a 3D animation of a singing monk that reacts directly to your input!

Plus, Delay Lama Vst Instrument offers a simple yet effective (you guessed it) built-in stereo delay that makes it even more enjoyable.

Delay Lama calls your computer and looks like a singing Tibetan monk. Delay Lama is the first software synthesizer to offer both speech synthesis and a real-time 3D animated interface that dynamically reacts to the user’s musical gestures.

To control pitch and vowels (oh-oh-oh-ah-ah), you can use a MIDI keyboard with a pitch bend or the built-in XY controller. For an extra mystical effect, Delay Lama features a simple stereo delay.

The instrument can be controlled either with a MIDI keyboard, in which case the pitch control acts as a vowel manipulator or with the built-in XY controller, which allows you to simultaneously control the pitch and sound of the vowel. Other controls include portamento speed and delay level. All parameters are controlled via MIDI, and all incoming events are processed with sampling precision.

Although Delay Lama Vst Plugin is free software and can be distributed free of charge. AudioNerdz would like to encourage happy users to donate to the International Campaign for Tibet. Find out more about the situation in Tibet, where you can also easily donate by online credit card payment. This is really great for your karma. Also Download: Toast Titanium 19 Crack Mac

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